About BKRW

What is BK Restaurant Week (BKRW)?
A new event for Bangkok! For 16 days in September, BK Magazine and over 50 of the city’s best restaurants will join forces to offer special dinners at knockout prices.
What are the goals of BKRW?
To expose local diners to venues they might not have tried before. To help restaurants spread the word about the great things they are doing. To create an annual restaurant week that promotes Bangkok’s exciting F&B scene, one that will become a fixture on the calendars of foodies throughout the region and beyond.
When is BKRW?
The dining period is September 14-29.
Why should I dine during BKRW?
BKRW offers diners the chance to try special menus created by restaurants just for this event at a very special price of B1,000++ (B1,170). In most cases you’re getting a great deal on a meal that would cost you 50-100% more outside of Restaurant Week. In addition, you could win prizes! (See What’s the voting all about?, below)
When is the booking period?
General pre-booking begins August 20. Advance booking with Citi credit cards begins August 11. You can continue to book seats until September 28.
Booking services are provided by Tavolos, our booking partner. You can reserve using your credit card on individual restaurant pages as well as on the restaurants page. You will need to pay the full amount at the time of booking. All BKRW reservations are non-refundable.
What is the refund policy?
All BKRW reservations are non-refundable. However, if you have purchased a seat and are unable to use it, you can post a notice on our Facebook event page and we will try to find someone else to buy it from you.
Are changes allowed?
For changes to the date or time of your reservation, please note the following: (1) Changes are possible with a minimum of 72 hours’ notice, so long as the new date is 72 hours or more from the time of your request. (2) Changes are at the discretion of the restaurant. We will contact the restaurant on your behalf, and if the restaurant accepts the change and your requested date/time is available, we can make the change. (3) There is a B50 change fee. (4) Please contact Tavolos with your change request. (Email bkrw@tavolos.com or Line @tavolos; live chat is also available at tavolos.com.)
Will I need to book in advance?
There are a limited number of seats per venue per night during Restaurant Week so you can be sure that those offering the most exciting menus will be sold out fast!
When is the latest I can book?
Restaurant Week reservations can be made up until the day before the day you’ll be dining.
How can I get in touch with you if I have a problem with my booking?
Email Tavolos support at bkrw@tavolos.com or via Line @tavolos. Live chat is also available at tavolos.com. The BK Restaurant Week team can be reached via Line message at @bkmagazine.
What is the notification process for diners?
Diners receive 2 email notifications: (1) a confirmation email immediately after a successful booking and (2) a reminder email the day before the scheduled dinner.
Are diners required to print the confirmation or reminder email or display it on their device?
No. Upon arrival, diners should identify themselves by the name used to make the reservation. Only if the reservation cannot be verified with the name provided by the diner should restaurant staff request to see the confirmation email or reminder email. For assistance, support is available at: Line @tavolos, bkrw@tavolos.com or live chat at tavolos.com.
Over 60 restaurants have applied and we expect nearly all of these will be accepted and confirmed. You can see the full list here: restaurants page.
How can I see what the restaurants are serving for BKRW?
The menus are posted on the individual restaurant pages. To see the full list, go to the restaurants page.
What’s the voting all about?
We’re confident that participating restaurants will be serving amazing food that’s worth far more than B1,000. As extra incentive for restaurants, we’ll be singing extra praises for outstanding venues as decided by you, the diner! As incentive for you, you’ll be entered in a drawing for prizes like resort stays and dining vouchers. Check your reminder email (sent the day of your reservation) for a link to our voting form to leave your ratings and comments. In addition, post your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #BKRW2018 or on Facebook (tag our event ) and you could win a pair of BKRW dinners.
How can I participate as a restaurant or partner?
We’ve closed applications for restaurants for this year, but we’re still looking for sponsors. Please email us at bkrw@asia-city.co.th or marketing@asia-city.co.th. For media wanting to cover BKRW, see our press release here.